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E-Valuations Istituto di Estimo e Valutazioni

E-Valuations Istituto di Estimo e Valutazioni or more simply “E-Valuations” (It can be read as European Valuations) is an independent and no profit professional association.

It has been established in Italy in 2017, is based in Turin and have many territorial delegations, to operate in the real estate valuation for urban and rural sector.

The association is governed by the general assembly, the Management board, the secretary general and the president.

We intend to contribute to the economic development of our Country by promoting knowledge and transparency in the real estate market, with the aim of increasing the quality of valuations, through the qualities of the independent expert valuers, in conformity with the international valuation standards.

Every year we organize several conferences regarding property valuations for banks, courts and other operating areas, and all our members may benefit freely of all the E-Valuations events.

Also we promote among our members the sharing and exchange of best practices.

We are Full Member of TEGoVA, Member of the Tecnoborsa Scientific Committee, Member of UNI Italian standard body and Member of FIABCI.

E-Valuations participates in Italy in many important panels and events in valuation sector: for example we support Tecnoborsa for the adoption and diffusion of the Italian Property Valuation Standard and we support ABI (Italian Banking Association) for the adoption and diffusion of the "Guidelines for property assessment for credit exposure".

Our Associates (mainly engineers, architects, agronomists, surveyors, and other professionals) may be Professional Members or Supporting and Honorary Members. The Professional Members are Expert Members or Valuer Members.

In order to become an Expert Member it is necessary to follow the training course established by the Association.

Instead, the title of Valuer Member will be given to the Expert Member who passes the exam for Property Appraisals and Valuations, according the new Italian system of certification of valuers, called in Italian Norma UNI 11558/2014 Property valuer, Requirements of knowledge, skills and competence and follow the valuation standards as EVS - Blue Book TEGoVA, IVS - White Book IVSC and the Italian Property Valuation Standard By Tecnoborsa.

We currently have over six hundred members, of which about two hundred are Valuer Member and meets the requirements of the regulation UNI on the real estate valuers; the other are attending specific courses to access the qualifying exam.

If you want, other informations about E-Valuations are in our website: www.e-valuations.org

Angelo Donato Berloco - President of E-Valuations

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